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Transformational Movement Lessons

This is an ongoing class, held every week andNPurple.jpg suitable for all levels of experience.

In TML, students perform a series of movements designed to bring greater awareness to their capabilities, working through a series of gentle, comfortable steps that involve thinking, sensing, moving, and visualizing. Students develop enhanced awareness of habitual patterns and rigidities. They expand options for moving with increased sensitivity, learning to eliminate unnecessary effort, attend to their whole self, and mobilize intention into action.

Students learn to use their body better and more efficiently, leading to greater power and grace in movement. Improvements in balance, posture, and physical comfort follow.

The class is held at Cheshire Fitness Club in Black Mountain.  It is free to members.  Non members may purchase a day membership for $12 which includes the use of all facilities for the day including attendance at the TML class.

For directions to Cheshire Fitness Club and for further information about the facilities there call 828 664 0400.