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How To Get Your Child's Brain To Work Better

Some Essentials From The Anat Baniel Method

The common factor among almost all children with special needs is that the development of the brain has been interfered with in some way.  Consequently the solution to many problems can be found in getting the brain to do its job better.

The Anat Baniel Method (ABM) is based on Plastic Brainprinciples or neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to “rewire” itself to bypass areas that are damaged or that have not developed.  

ABM helps the brain do its job better. It helps the brain right itself and regain its ability to powerfully and consistently create new patterns and successful solutions.  As the brain begins to function better we expect to see significant improvement in movement, speech, cognitive ability, motivation to act, sleep and feeding.

Although ABM practitioners train for several years to learn a number of specific techniques for working with children, the method is based upon a group of “essentials” that, once understood, can be applied by parents and professionals in their interactions with any child.  Applying them will successfully turn stimulation into information that the brain can use to differentiate and grow

This presentation will explain what neuroplasticity is and describe the Anat Baniel Method but will be mostly concerned with providing attendees with a grounding in the essentials and how to apply them.  Once the information has been presented there will be time allowed for questions on how to use what you have learned to address specific situations or issues.

This presentation was originally given at the Family Connection of SC annual conference "Hopes & Dreams".  If you would like the presentation to be given to your parent or professional group, please contact John Robson using the information below.


Information: Call John Robson at 828 423 3173 or email