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What People Have Said


“Our time with you this past week was truly quite remarkable.  It was both inspirational and exciting.  Thank you for the ground breaking work you have made with Y___.   He has returned home absolutely exhausted but definitely with many many positive little things flourishing.  It's almost as if he has experienced another awakening.”


2 year old, Acquired Brain Injury


“I was fortunate enough to see John Robson after experiencing debilitating shooting lower back pain.  I am extremely grateful for the relief I was able to experience”

Adult, Back Pain


“We have returned from our ABM experience in North Carolina, and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

The therapy was wonderful. S___ responded well to it. She smiled, relaxed, and enjoyed all 8 sessions. The therapist was a gentle man who bonded quickly with S___.

S___ actually made some really nice changes in the 4 short days. I was so surprised.  S___ is now able to hold objects (toys, lollipops, teething rings, etc.) in her hands and bring them up to her mouth for chewing and sucking!!!!! This is so huge!! I have prayed for this for 2 years. She was never able to hold anything for more than a second, and she was not able to bend her elbow, and her ATNR reflex always caused anything in her hand to extend AWAY from her head, instead of TOWARDS her head. She was always "sh*t out of luck".... until NOW!! Now she can do it.  Hip-Hip-Hooray - Let's have a party today!!

I am so proud of her. This started happening last month, after we completed our first round of ABM therapy.”

3 year old, Acquired Brain Injury


“John creates a loving, peaceful and secure environment for healing to take place. His work is exceptional”

Adult, Back Pain, Lupus

“I drove 5 and ½ hours to see John in NC from VA.  That is how much I thought it was worth it.  J___ took to John after the first session.  He is very personable and attentive.  The first time we had 10 sessions in one week.  I saw dramatic improvements both in his fine and gross motor skills.  The most disheartening part is that there are no ABM practitioners in the Tidewater area.  John scheduled a trip to the Tidewater area in the fall of 2010 so that other mothers could participate in sessions.  They too had great results.”

4 year old, Cerebral Palsy


“My daughter in Israel recommended you and it did help me after my left hip replacement. I felt looser and could walk much more after your lesson. I definitely felt less pain in left hip area and better balance.”

Adult, Hip Replacement


“What I have noticed with J___ is that she is calmer - I would say about 30-40% calmer.  The most remarkable thing was her sitting beside you for 35 minutes while we talked.  J___ has never sat anywhere for more than a few minutes - and even sitting she is still squirming and moving around.  But she sat quietly that day - so that is a remarkable change.  I've had an easier time with her speech lessons at home - and there is a slight improvement in speech - she corrects easier and doesn't become as frustrated.”

6 year old, Sensory Integration Difficulties


“A neighbor friend described how much you had helped her with increased mobility and a general feeling of increased well being. I have experienced increased flexibility and reduced pain and I have an increased efficiency of movement.”

Adult, Rotator Cuff Injury, Back Pain


"Since starting ABM over a year ago, L___ has continually shown improvements in many different aspects of her everyday life.  She is able to relax her whole body and decrease tightness better than ever before.  She used to continually bring her knees to her chest, especially when we asked her to relax.  Now she makes her legs long and understands that this is how to rest and relax them.  We’ve also noticed that she pays more attention to what she is doing and her movements are more purposeful.  Her ability to drive her power chair has improved a lot.  She has decreased her involuntary movements, and has become a more active participant in her care, from trying to brush her own hair, to being more cognizant of what her needs are by reminding us whether she needs her teeth brushed, or has homework to do, or even when she has an appointment.  She has also started improving in her reading and focus.  The improvements keep coming, and they vary each time in what type of improvements we’re seeing, but we know her brain continues to develop with ABM and we’re amazed with how much she has learned."

15 year old, Cerebral Palsy


“John has been great to work with. He's so present and focused. After the session, I'm usually about an inch taller and moving so much more freely than before. It's amazing how putting your body in a more comfortable, easy state can make your daily life easier too.”

Adult, Neck Pain


“J___ is doing sooooo much...I can't say enough about ABM.”

4 year old, Cerebral Palsy


“I was very excited when John sent me home with a CD of him speaking exercises that I could continue at home. After doing them, I feel differences in my body - all over - in the way I walk and pick things up and move in general. I am more aware of the mechanics of my body after doing a bodywork session with him.”

Adult, Back Pain


“I am not going to tell you all the great things that M___ is doing.  I want you to see them for yourself and be pleasantly surprised.”

7 year old, Cerebral Palsy


“I can easily say that the effects are subtle, yet profound, a remarkable method for re-establishing the body's natural balance. I could also easily say that you are an attuned and sensitive practitioner, skilled in aligning with the body intelligence to help it to restore relaxation and balance.”

Adult, Joint Pain


"I was so excited to learn about a new and innovative approach to therapy for my grandson T___, who has severe cerebral palsy with very high muscle tone. T___'s degree of disability has caused him to be very limited he what he can do. John has introduced us to the process of learning to help my grandson move slowly without force, while being attuned to whatever he is doing at the moment.  I have been able to see T___ move smoothly and slowly with intention, rather than the usual forceful, jerky type movements that are very typical for him. He has been able to accomplish new things, and at the same time find pleasure and enjoyment in doing them. I feel that assisting and encouraging T___ in the methods John has taught us has been therapy for me as well!"

14 year old, Cerebral Palsy


“I appreciate the focused attention that John gives to me during our private sessions. He has a very fine tuned awareness of small movements. I have achieved greater comfort for longer periods of time the more I work with him.”

Adult, Back Pain


DSC_0028_2.jpg“J___ has cerebral palsy.  His muscles are stiff, but with ABM therapy, he has become more aware of his body and more willing to let it do the work.  His brain has been retrained and he thinks before he moves.  I can actually watch him pause before he grabs or moves to make himself do whatever task it is someone is asking of him.”

4 year old, Cerebral Palsy


“Both my daughter and I have experienced reduced pain, better balance and posture, more ease with movement and a fluidity that we didn't have before coming in to see John. His method is so simple, slow and gentle that you leave thinking that it cannot possibly make a difference, and yet it has.”

Adult, Back Pain, Balance Problems

“My 8 year-old daughter has turned in feet that cause her to sprain her ankles, trip and feel clumsy. She now runs more gracefully, walks without slapping her feet and feels more at home in her body.”

8 year old, Co-ordination Issue



“If caregivers and those in the medical profession would just give this a try, they would understand that the human body has the amazing ability to heal from within.”

4 year old, Cerebral Palsy

"John is awesome to work with. He is really good and understands how to help me, especially when I have some pain.  He is also very nice and very funny and we have a great time working together!"

14 Year Old, Cerebral Palsy